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When you apply as user of this website we ask you for some information. To be able to use our website we require for instance your email address.

That email address is needed to keep spammers away from our website. We also use your email address to communicate with you.

We also require your name. You can use a fake name if you really want to, that's not a problem.
Do remember however that your name may be mentioned on your calendar's webpage and that others will be able to see it.

No confidential information is required

That is all. We require nothing special from you. You can, if you wish, add more information like a profile picture, but it is not required for our calendar's functionality.

You decide on your privacy settings

The settings of your online visibility are controlled by you.

As the owner of your own online calendar you can, as an example, decide for yourself if your calendar page may show up in the search results of Google, Bing and other search engines.

But you can also decide yourself if others can use your online calendar to send email messages to you directly. The email-functionality can easily be switched on or off.

Furthermore you can, if you wish, add social media links to your online calendar.

So you control how and where your online calendar is presented.

Contact us if you have any questions or remarks concerning your online privacy.

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